Constitutional Amendments approved by members

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

ACCA’s proposed constitutional amendments were unanimously approved by members at a General Meeting held on Sunday 29th September 2019 at ACCA’s Parramatta Service Centre.  

ACCA President, Mr Eric Wu declared the General Meeting opened at 12.05pm after a quorum of 86 (voting members plus proxies) was registered at that time. Mr Wu briefly outlined to members the main reasons for the proposed amendments to the constitution - to enable ACCA to be a registered community and social housing provider; to change the composition of directors where eight (8) are to be elected and two (2) to be appointed; to change the terms of directors from 4 years to 2 years; introduce requirement for Councillors to attend a minimum of one meeting per year.

Secretary John Hugh assisted with translation from English into Mandarin and Vice President Shirley Chan from English to Cantonese.

The proposed amendments were approved unanimously by the members.

There were questions from members regarding the outcome of the defamation action against the 8 members. The directors provided explanations similar to the information that was already published on the ACCA website. It was also mentioned that the 8 members had issued a letter of regret and withdrawn allegations made against ACCA. Therefore ACCA has been vindicated in initiating the defamation action.

The President and directors thanked all the members for their attendance at the General Meeting and approving the amendments to the constitution.   

The meeting was declared closed at 12.40pm. Members then adjourned for light refreshments.


Editorial Team