ACCA 2019 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

Friday, 31 May 2019

ACCA hosted a Luncheon in conjunction with National Volunteer Week on Wednesday 22 May 2019 in Haymarket to thank its volunteers for their contribution over the past year.


The event commenced with cultural dances performed by the ACCA Dance Group.


President Eric Wu expressed his appreciation to ACCA’s many volunteers for their commitment and dedication in helping ACCA deliver its aged and community care services to the community and to the elderly in need.


Invited guest Alex Greenwich MP also praised the hard work and dedication of the volunteers. He said that people of Chinese background is making a positive contribution into mainstream Australian society and this is exemplified by their zest for volunteering their time to provide better services to the community. He added that the Appreciation Luncheon shows the success of ACCA by rewarding its volunteers for their selfless support and contribution.


Certificates of appreciation were given to honour the deserving volunteers by President Eric Wu, Vice Presidents Shirley Chan and Julie Yen, Secretary John Hugh, Councillors Benjamin Chow and Sugandhii Hendrawan as well as Alex Greenwich MP.


Approximately 100 volunteers attended the event.